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The evidence point to a design. We were designed for an infinite being that most people call God. I call him: My God, the one who sent his Son to die for humankind. I appreciate your recognition of the indigenous people of Australia. Breeding programs and such. Let me guess… Sounds like Arun is speaking some form of modernized romanized Gobeklian language.

Not even close? Well, if so either Arun… you got to fire your English teacher or your keyboard is fried!

Spot on Bob If by civilisation we mean managing to have a population exposion long enough to withstand the next minor disaster there are quite a few. Having regard to the number of foods the whole world appear to rely on and take for granted ;which emanated from the Americas , i do wonder whether they have had the longest civilisation in the world. Potatoes,sweet potatoes,beans chillies,tomatoes,corn,etc we would be pretty malnourished if not for the Americas. As an Australian: this is correct. The exact date of Aboriginal civilisation in Australia is uncertain but believed to be 65kk years ago.

Also: Aboriginal, not Aboriginie.

Civilization Before Greece And Rome

I do believe looking into some of the other options posted by fellow readers, to keep up accuracy in the information we collect to better help ourselves. I truly appreciate your time, effort, knowledge and delightful way the work you provided us had been displayed, thank you. Did you mention polar reversals? Could civilizations contact with each other from Africa to South America pre historically?

Too much history missing from fire that destroyed the library of Alexandria. All North indian languages arrived from sanskrit. But sanskrit comes from tamil. And if you searched in the internet also you can find tamil language is the core root of all the languages in the world.

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Many scientist also confirmed this. Kumarikandam is the very oldest and may be the first civilization in the world. Tamil and Sanskrit are entirely different. Tamil is the parent of Dravidian south Indian languages. Vedic Sanskrit, was considered as the language of the gods. Sanskrit was born when the Vedas Born. Have you researched well into History, I think not! What about Carthage in located in present day Tunisia is one of the most Advanced civilization rival to Ancient Rome and came long into existence before Ancient Rome, history has it that the founders of Ancient Rome visited Ancient Carthage while escaping from just destroyed Ancient Troy by the Greeks which lies right in the heart of Africa before heading for Italy to establish Ancient Rome.

What about Parthia in present day Turkey that defeated Ancient Rome in fierce battle. Completely agree with Bob Shaw. No question that the Australian aborigines are the oldest surviving culture not sure about the San but were they a civilisation? Certainly they had and have an empire of the mind comprising mythology, law, custom, epic songs and poems, art, and a shared canon of oral literature. I think it has something to do with staying in one place and building common use structures like agoras, palaces, libraries, courts, religious buildings and so on.

The carving is impressive! Who cares though. Aboriginal society punches above its weight in attracting the worlds attention. When we speak about civilisation.

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It means too many things invented such as writing sys. Military sys and social sys which had been created in mesapotamia. They are too many places in iran. Gobe Tepe , Turkey dates to BC with star charting circles and underground caverns nearby. The caverns go down many levels with animal storage and family areas, Food storage and common rooms. It is the oldest carved item found.

kessai-payment.com/hukusyuu/comment-pirater/leber-que-es-mobile.php They had Bronze star discs. The Celts in cave sites in germany after that are BC. The mummies are still there with jewelry. Open Daily for visits. It is a burial tomb that calendar dates the three shortest days of the year. There is a writing on the tomb walls. Around it are moon charting posts—by inserted drilling holes.

Knowth , next to it; dates when to start Spring and planting. Near Slain, Ireland. Before that there were only timbers back to BC , they are being excavated.

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What about kush axum civilization. You just dont want to tell about african civilization nemroid is son of kush who built Babylon Mesopotamia. Kushitic built the pyramids. Read greek histrian Herodotus and homer. Some times you just hide the truth because people know the truth black people the first on earth Lucy. Between 12, and 4,ish BC you had cultures rather than full blown civilizations.

Before then people were living in huts and caves and as far as we know communicated through animal pictures. These are not the oldest civilizations. Not to mention the Mycenaean in the Minoans which predate ancient Greece.

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Also other various other civilizations scattered throughout history. Heck by comparison Rome is incredibly recent. In my opinion you can barely call it ancient. And if you really want to get technical, the solutreans who were technically Hunter and gatherers in archaic France had an established home base and fit many of the criteria for a civilization and they existed during the last ice age. My point is that your list is super inaccurate. Even if your criteria includes having an established written language you should at least have the Mycenaeans and Minoans over the Greeks and the Romans.

They are so ancient that the Greeks and the Romans considered them their ancient ancestors. And in fact we have recently deciphered their language in the past like 2 years. That alone should put them on this list. Gobekli Tepe which has been known since the 90s is much older. Oh and with a cursory look at the other comments I completely forgot the Aboriginal people.